Case Studies

Hybeam and Hyspan Brand campaigns

Client: Carter Holt Harvey

Brand: Hybeam (now Hyjoist) and Hyspan

Objective: Achieve strong positioning through long term communications in builder and specifier markets

Solution: Focused, single-minded creative with visual cut-through and compelling messages

Result: External research found that Hyspan Structural LVL achieved 92% brand awareness and Hybeam Engineered I-Joists achieved 83% brand awareness. The Hybeam ‘Death to Termites’ campaign also achieved 90% brand retention.

Tork Foodservice hygiene campaign

Client: SCA Hygiene Australasia

Brand: Tork

Objective: Gain leads and new business in the Foodservice segment

Solution: By focusing on washroom hygiene and how it relates to customers’ perceptions of a restaurant, we made owners and managers stop and think about hygiene products. A survey helped position Tork as experts in hygiene and attracted more response.

Tork FSC Campaign

Client: SCA Hygiene Australasia

Brand: Tork

Objective: Launch Tork FSC certified and gain 100 new leads

Solution: Question the market if they were looking for sustainable hygiene solutions to lead in to information about FSC certification and what it meant.

Tork Education hygiene campaign

Client: SCA Hygiene Australasia

Brand: Tork

Objective: Position Tork as the best provider of hygiene solutions in the education segment and improve brand awareness

Solution: Focus on research that warm air dryers are less hygienic than paper towels to gain attention in the education segment

Ecoply Campaign

Client: Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia

Brand: Ecoply

Objective: Relaunch Ecoply to the market in line with new Australian manufacturing capabilities and combat influx of imported product

Solution: Position Ecoply as the most trustworthy product on the market. By aligning Ecoply with recognised designers and innovative projects we reiterated the trust position.