We are keen to align ourselves with sustainable and ethical businesses that produce and promote environmentally responsible products and services.

Within our business, we are constantly making efforts to reduce our impact. And believe that every little bit helps.

Our office

  • 100% Green Energy
  • Use of recycled or FSC certified paper
  • Recycling or composting of all used paper to reduce waste
  • Paperless quotes, estimates and invoices
  • Double-sided printing to reduce paper use
  • Power saving computers with sleep mode during the day when not in use and turned off at night
  • All travel is carbon offset
  • Use of reusable coffee cups and water in glasses rather than bottled
  • Reducing car travel by walking and using public transport
  • We turn our vehicle emissions into trees with

Sustainable production
We have sourced and work with FSC certified printers and specify FSC certified or recycled paper stock and print with vegetable-based inks.

Charities we support

  • Oxfam
  • 8020 vision
  • WWF
  • Prahran Mission